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Charcoal Pet Portraits by Kris
So you're interested in a portrait?
  • Choose a few favorite photographs- be sure that they aren't overexposed or too dark
  • Your photo should represent the way you see your pet.
  • Any angle other than head-on is preferable.
  • Backgrounds are not used, so please keep this in mind
Let's get in touch
  • Send an email to kristin.ward@hotmail.com
  • Let me know a little bit about your pet, their name breed, personality (I love stories!) and if you have a certain due date you'd need the portrait completed by.
  • I'll let you know what my schedule looks like, and will need to see what photos you have in mind for the portrait.
How it works...
  • I do require 50% deposit before starting your commission. I will give you the details of how you can send it through our email chats.
  • Once completed, I will send you a digital copy for your review and upon receiving the remainder of payment I will promptly ship your finished portrait.
Visit kristinward.net for more information!‚Äč
Original Art by Sailor Cher
$20.00 Prints available. Original prices vary.