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Piercing Aftercare Tips
ORAL PIERCING: Do not give oral sex for at least two weeks. You can still RECEIVE it: you just can’t GIVE it. During the healing process, cut back on smoking, spicy foods and alcohol. If you do anything you’re not supposed to do, rinse well with salt water as soon as you can afterwards. Buy a new toothbrush. NO MOUTHWASH!!!

GENITAL PIERCING: You can resume having sex whenever you feel comfortable to do so. Take it easy though, until you gauge your jewelry up to recommended size. When engaging in sex during the healing time, use a condom with NO spermicide. A slight stinging sensation when you pee is normal.

NAVEL PIERCING: Wear loose clothing and keep waistbands and seatbelts from rubbing on the piercing. Laundry baskets and towels are notoriously evil for catching on belly jewelry. Be careful!!

NOSE PIERCING: Be careful when washing and drying your face that you don’t accidentally pull it out with the towel or face cloth. Take care blowing and wiping your nose. Avoid the area when applying face products or sunscreen.

EYEBROWS: Watch out for hairbrushes and avoid the area with face products or sunscreens. Be careful when putting on and taking off glasses.

EARS AND CARTILAGE: Be careful with nasty, dirty telephones, hairbrushes, clips, etc. Change your pillow cases daily. 

MICRO DERMAL: Protect your dermal from snagging (clothes, towels, etc.). Replace Band-Aids daily for minimum of 3 days up to 2 weeks. Gentle, small, circular massage to encourage flat settling. 

Piercing Aftercare Instructions
1. The number one rule in piercing is DON’T TOUCH IT!!
2. The number two rule is, when you do touch it, make sure your hands are clean.
3. The number three rule is DON’T let anyone else touch it. Everyone will want to touch it. Keep other people’s bodily fluids off of it!
4. Keep your piercing clean with anti-bacterial soap, like Dial. Do not apply it directly to piercing. Lather it in your hand first, and then apply it to the piercing. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly. Do this twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.
5. Every few hours throughout the day, cleanse with salt water. Any saline solution will work. Do not use tap water or table salt, if mixing your own- it has sugar in it. Instead use sea salt or kosher salt in distilled or purified water. 1/8th teaspoon salt: 1 cup of water. Spray it on or pour it over the piercing. Saturating a cotton ball and squeezing it over the piercing works pretty good. 
6. You DO NOT need to rotate your jewelry. Skin does not adhere to metal. Just leave it alone. Moving it slightly when cleaning it is okay.
7. Do not use Bactine, Neosporin, alcohol or peroxide.
8. Do not submerge your piercing for two weeks. That means no ocean, swimming pool, hot tub or bathtub. Of course, you can still take showers.
9. The beach, tanning beds, or anything dirty or gritty should be avoided for a while. Be careful with any kind of product you may use, such as sun screens or suntan lotions, face or body creams, deodorants hair and skin products or make-up around your new piercing.
10. If, per chance your jewelry falls out… find it, clean with alcohol and reinsert it. If you can’t find it, put something clean in the hole until you can get a new piece of jewelry, even if it’s just an earring wire or clean, monofilament fishing line. Don’t leave the hole empty because there’s no saying how fast it will close up. Everyone’s different.
11. Basically- keep it clean, leave It alone and let your body do what it wants to do, which is heal itself. The more you jack with it, the more it will be jacked up.

Tattoo Aftercare
The number ONE rule in tattoo aftercare is DON’T TOUCH IT!  
When you do touch it, be sure to WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST! 
When you get home, gently wash your new tattoo with mild soap and warm water. 
Blot it off with a clean towel.
Allow it to air dry for about 15-20 minutes. You’ll feel it tighten up.
Apply a small dab of unscented lotion. Rub it in gently. 
      - If, after applying the lotion, your tattoo appears shiny or goopy, you’ve used too much!
Your tattoo will develop a layer of dry skin, like a sunburn. Let this layer fall off naturally. If your tattoo scabs in anyway, DO NOT pick, or else you may damage your tattoo. 
Healing time is normally 7-10 days.
DO NOT go in the sun for two weeks.
DO NOT submerge in water for two weeks. (tub, pool, hot tub, ocean, the shower is ok)
DO NOT re-bandage.
DO NOT pick, scratch, or rub.