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"I absolutely love my tattoo done by Cher! I came to her with a picture and she made it so much better! And I really couldn't be happier! A perfect way to honor my grandfather with a navy tat done by a sailor! Major two thumbs up!" 
                                                                      -Nikki Futch, St Augustine FL
"WHERE DO I START!! Sailor Cher, Molly & Erin (& Dave) have outdone themselves opening the best tattoo, piercing and permanent makeup studio in St. Augustine. I have already had a perfect piercing by Erin, several tatts by Sailor Cher and experienced Molly running an efficient and professional studio. I have watched Sailor Cher do very detailed tattoos that have impressed the hell out of me and left her clients beaming at their new art. I will be using Cher's permanent makeup artist and I am confident that I will be happy with the results." 
                                                                        -Edie Berndt, Merrit Island FL
"Totally enjoyed the time and awesome tattoo with Sailor Cher. Thank you so much for sharing stories with me. Can't wait to come back and get more!" 
                                                                              -Aleasha, St Augustine FL
"Love the tat and piercings we have gotten! Cher and Erin do awesome work. I highly recommend them both to everyone!!!"
                                                             -Liz and Pat Hunter, St Augustine FL

"I want to thank everyone at Sailor Cher's Tattoo and Body Piercing. Today Erin added to my collection of piercings with an apadravya. I have been pierced over 30 times (several from Sailor Cher) and I feared this piercing more than I ever have but she gently guided me through it. 

 Pain is a natural high and the pain of this piercing is rather intense so the high was pretty good. Of course the years of enjoyment, piercings give, make it all worth it.

 See you all again soon when it is time for another piercing or a Sailor Cher masterpiece tattoo." 
                                                                               -Ken Bauer, St Augustine FL

"Sailor Cher is absolutely amazing!!!! Great shop, great people, great work!!!!!!! I'm in love with my new tattoo! I'm going to be a repeat client for sure!!!!!"
- Jessica, St  Augustine FL
"Sailor Cher's ink is just phenomenal! Her ability to read a new clients personality and grab the concept of what a person wants in design and incorporate with the personal meaning of it for them..... Priceless talent!"
-Phil at Johnny's, St Augustine FL
"If you want a good tattoo or piercing even a fantastic tattoo or a stylish piercing come to Sailor Cher's Tattoo and Body Piercing place.I recommend going here for everyone because the people are fantastic and its a clean,well kept environment and without a doubt the best place to go to.I wouldnt recommend people if i didnt think this place wasnt great but holy jesus this place is fantastic.Come one come all to this magnificent place.Trust me i wont let you down and neither will they.Take a chance,ride your way,to this extremely fantastic and mind blowing place! :) "
-Rebecca, St Augustine FL
"Clean and professional! I would highly recommend getting a piercing done by Erin! She's the best you'll come across in all of Florida I swear by it! Won't let anyone touch me with piercing needles but her! Quality work."
-Dana, St Augustine FL
"Got my first tattoo here by Kris. The lovely, warm, and welcoming hospitality and service by all the ladies in the shop brought my nerves to ease in a heartbeat. Kris did an amazing job at helping me stay calm and relaxed. Her attention to detail during the sketch affirmed to me that she wanted it to be exactly what I wanted and that I was happy and confidant in my decision. Every guest that walked in was welcomed and taken care of happily. I would recommend these ladies to anyone! They are fun, very talented, and will make anyone's experience fantastic. Thank you ladies for my awesome tattoo, the company, and for making my first tattoo practically a breeze!"
                                                              -Ashley-lynn Meadows, St. Augustine FL
"The lady's helped me so very much. I got a bad nipple piercing from someone else in St Augustine and they fixed it I love it thank you so much and I recommend you to everyone...."
                                                                         -Donna Calandra, St Augustine FL

"This is the best place I've ever been too. I had messed up cartilage piercings and Erin fixed it to perfection! I'm definitely going back for more."
                                                                                    -Liz Dubos, St. Augustine FL
"This place is A-MA-ZING!!! Sailor Cher did my tattoo, which became known around the shop as "THAT mermaid." The picture is posted on this page She was such a pleasure to sit with and made me feel so relaxed--not an easy task considering how long I was straddling a chair! Cher was super patient during the design process (which probably took 1-2 months) and tweaked minor details that I asked about.

I'm having her check it in about a week, but everything looks and feels to be healing beautifully. Sailor's skill and gentle hand cannot be denied! Any future work or recommendations will come straight here!

Side note: I had the pleasure of meeting Kris, who was in working on a drawing for her next appointment. She was also very nice, and her drawing was super detailed and beautiful! This studio wins all around."
                                                                                           -Ashley Sprague, St Augustine FL
***Please see our Facebook or Google page for more reviews
I brought my 8 year old for her ear piercing just today and it was a wonderful experience. Erin is professional and amazing with kids. She was so patient and kind. I can’t express how grateful I am for a safe, quick and and fun ear piercing for my sweet girl. 
                                                                      Sonia Cappasso-Rerrie, St. Augustine FL

If I could give more than 5 stars I would; I walked into the shop and was immediately greeted with a relaxed atmosphere. I wanted a cover up on my back done and a memorial piece created for my mother who passed away about a month ago. Not only did Ash promptly deliver the perfect design, but she came in on Mother’s Day for my 6.5 hour memorial piece. I had a blast with her at the shop and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate my mom.
                                                                                  Allison Trudel, St. Augustine FL

                              I can't recommend the shop highly enough. Cher took the ideas I came up with for a tat to commemorate my daughter and took them up about ten notches. It's absolutely beautiful, even more so than I expected. Everyone was wonderful and caring and turned something that could have been absolutely heart wrenching into a very cathartic experience. It meant more to me than I could ever express. Thank you again�
                                                                                                     Amanda Given Moore

Ashlee is amazing! Great service, great quality, clean and good vibes! My best friend and I had a great experience from the appointment setting to the tattoo work. We highly recommend. Great detail on our jobs. Thank you!!
                                                                                                    Jayme Norris

I wouldn't go anywhere else for piercing! Friendly and professional all around - My first stop in, Cali gave me great info and all paperwork needed so I would be set when the time came. Molly was great over the phone and at the front desk when we finally made our way in this past weekend. We had such a fantastic experience getting our daughter's ears pierced by Erin.G - she is phenomenal! Super knowledgeable, warm & friendly, down-to-earth, and really focused on making sure we all knew what was happening and how to best care for the piercings afterward. I love that she spoke directly to my daughter as a capable individual and really took her time (esp with all my questions!) throughout. Such a great experience overall - I highly recommend!
                                                                                      Danielle Signorello Stanchi

Erin was awesome with my apprehensive 5 year old!! So patient and really took her time to make sure she was comfortable. The whole staff was great...my 2 year old even left with a little souvenir.
                                                                                                    Tracy Johnson Wilcox

I brought my 6 year daughter to get her ears pierced and Erin did amazing with her. My daughter was a little nervous but Erin did everything to make her feel comfortable. We were very impressed with her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
                                                                                                    Lindsey Hailey

Sailor Cher did an amazing job with my first tattoo!! I am so glad I chose her as this was in honor of my brother, who left us too soon, and it was very important to me to have it done by the best.
                                                                                                    Windy Rush Orochena

I went in a little nervous, but that went away rapidly.... The people there are amazing! I got a positive vibe being there... I am soooo happy my brother recommended Sailor Cher! Cher is a great artist and completely awesome!
                                                                                                    Beth-Ann King Werre

Had a great time with Cher. The best work I have ever had. Highly recommend her shop.
                                                                                                    James Russell Pate

Incredible place with incredible people. Our 5 year old wanted her ears pierced and we went to see Erin. She was AMAZING. She answered questions and went over after-care with our child for the first 30 minutes! Patient, kind, professional and far beyond expectation. I have a feeling this is a constant at Sailor Cher's!  
                                                                                    Nicholas D. Brass