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About Sailor Cher's Tattoo & Body Piercing
Sailor Cher's Tattoo & Body Piercing is a family owned and operated tattoo and body piercing studio. Not only is Sailor Cher's family owned but it is also an all female studio. Sailor Cher's was established February of 2013, but the studio has a combined total of 25 years in the industry. Sailor Cher's is a member of the National Tattoo Association and a 2 time runner up for "Best of St. Augustine." Sailor Cher's goal is to provide every customer with the attention he or she needs to make the perfect decision regarding their body art. Sailor Cher's strives to have every customer satisfied with their decision, and plans to give every customer an experience that will makes him or her a life long customer!
Sailor Cher
Owner/Tattoo Artist/Piercer
Body Piercer
Studio Manager
Sailor Cher is a tattooed, pierced, stiletto-heeled, Harley-riding old broad who could probably kick your ass…but she won’t. She’s been in the industry for more than a decade, and continues to bring her personal touch to everything she does.

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Sailor Cher served proudly as a journalist and photojournalist with tours at Pacific Stars and Stripes in the later years of the Vietnam Conflict, the recruiting command in Denver, and as a company commander at RTC Orlando, pushing recruits through boot camp. But she didn’t get her first tattoo until after her discharge. She definitely has made up for lost time!

Sailor Cher believes one’s body is their temple. And just like the brick-and-mortar buildings that religions build in celebration of their beliefs, one’s body houses the soul and reflects one’s thoughts, passions, hopes, dreams – and sense of humor. To leave it unadorned, according to her, borders on sacrilege.  

The mother of five daughters and grandmother to nine, Sailor Cher likes dressing like a diva and making boys cry.

Originally from San Diego, Erin.g has been piercing the body for 8 years. She apprenticed under Sailor Cher and has continued on with the philosophy of respect and celebration of the human body. 

Working on clients of all ages, infants to seniors, Erin.g offers all types of piercings, stretching, and bodily ornamentation. However, she specializes in exotic piercings.

 In all cases, she offers each client the attention, knowledge, and compassion not found in any other local studio. 
Molly is Sailor Cher's youngest daughter. Molly is a graduate of St. John's River State College (AA, Business), Flagler College (BA, Psychology & Fine Art) and Stetson University (MS, Clinical Mental Health & Play Therapy). 

Molly has worked in the tattoo industry since she was 16 years old, keeping the day to day operations running. She is extremely excited to be apart of this family experience and to help those wanting body art and piercings. 

Molly has been getting tattoo since she was 15 years old and continues to add. Molly has two full sleeves, the majority of a back piece complete, along with many other things. Aside from school, tattoos and her family, Molly also teaches Hip Hop dance, she has been dancing in all styles since she was 7, and is also a SJCCA at SAHS alumni.

Molly is available to help anyone not sure of what they want or how to go about getting what they want. Please feel free to contact her at the above links if you have any questions about the business! 

Tattoo Artist/Fine Artist
Ash has been tattooing since 2013 and apprenticed under Sam Sowards at Body Fantasies in Pomeroy, Ohio. She is a self-taught artist, born with natural creative ability. She owes her high school art instructor, Susan Parrish, a great deal of gratitude and credit for pushing her skills with different mediums and techniques, which have advanced her in her career. 

Ash specializes in black and grey, watercolor, pointillism, geometric, abstract, trash polka, neo-traditional, traditional and surrealism. Tattooing, and the artistry of tattoos have always been an interest and passion of hers since childhood. Seeing people with all these bright colors and beautiful designs walking around always captured her attention. Art has always been a release for Ash, mentally and emotionally, creating art is my escape from daily struggles of life. 

Her favorite most popular question asked is... "what do your tattoos mean?" The majority of peoples artwork tells a story; where, for others, its simply for the love of the art of tattooing. To me, tattooing is therapy, whether I am behind the needle or in front of it. In a way, tattoos help people, they help them handle difficult situations, honor loved ones, commemorate achievements in life, hide painful scars, and most importantly, help love the skin they are in. 

Even though this was not her first career of choice, she can honestly say that she has grown to love it. There is nothing more gratifying in this industry than sitting down one-on-one with a client, listening to their story and transforming their thought and emotions into beautiful words of art that they will forever carry with them. Tattooing for me, isn't just about the art, but about everything that goes into creating that one special piece that means the world to that client. 
Cali is the newest member of the Sailor Cher crew. She is one of Sailor Cher's granddaughters and is the oldest child of Erin.g. Cali enjoys tattoos because they are a way to express yourself, tell a story, or just random ideas you have in a permanently beautiful way. That is one reason why Cali has chosen to join the shop. Not only because she gets to spend time with her family but also so she can watch people change their body's with images. Whether it be a portrait with flowers to commemorate a loved one or a dancing dragon for the hell of it, or even a small snail because it was a heat of the moment decision; it's a good time for everyone and everybody smiles. 

Cali has learned a lot about piercing from her mother and grandmother and hopes to learn more. She has the goal of following in her mothers foot steps in becoming the greatest piercer in St. Augustine or Florida. Cali enjoys helping clients pick designs or the perfect spot for a piercing, and loves being able to put a smile on our customers face when they get something they will love forever. 

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